Celebrities Who Have Talked About Their Sobriety: Ben Affleck, More



Prince died of an accidental fentanyl overdose, the Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office said Thursday. The 57-year-old musician joins a lengthy list of celebrities who have died as a result of substance addiction. Over a 30-day stretch, Mr. Spurlock put on 25 pounds and faced mental health struggles while eating only McDonald’s meals — often in the “supersize” option. Holden himself died from bleeding out after he fell over inebriated and knocked his head.

  • Former actor William Holden, whose golden years were during the 1950s, was a heavy drinker whose antics affected his professional and personal life.
  • We want to give you permission to laugh in the places where it’s really hard to laugh,” he told the AP.
  • Renfro’s most notable film is “Apt Pupil,” the film that turned director Bryan Singer into a Hollywood darling.
  • His coping mechanisms were a dangerous cocktail of drugs and alcohol.
  • British songstress Amy Winehouse, known for her soulful voice and unique style, left us all too soon in 2011 due to alcohol poisoning.

Philip Seymour Hoffman (Cocaine, Heroin, Benzodiazepines, & Amphetamines)

Their honesty about their struggles are both heartbreaking and endearing. You may find some inspiration from celebrities who have publicly talked about these struggles. Since his starring role on https://stocktondaily.com/top-5-advantages-of-staying-in-a-sober-living-house/ “Baywatch”, David Hasselhoff become notorious for his alcoholism. A home video of a drunken Hasselhoff went viral in 2007, receiving airtime on countless news programs and across the internet.

Tom Holland said that he’s the “happiest I’ve ever been in my life” since he began his sobriety journey.

In the past, Gibson sought professional help, and checked himself into rehab for his alcohol problem. Check out this gallery to see which stars died as a result of alcohol abuse. Larry Hagman, known Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House for his roles in ‘Dallas’ and ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ developed liver cancer and cirrhosis of the liver in the 1990s due to decades of drinking, and underwent a life-saving liver transplant.

Russell Brand has been sober for 20 years.

In a 2017 interview with GQ, the actor talked about quitting drinking. He also admitted that it “took me a long time to fundamentally, deeply, without a hint of doubt, admit to myself that I am an alcoholic.” She eventually ended up at a rehab center for drug and alcohol addicts when she was just 18. “That’s really why I got sent to boarding school aged 14 — to get sober,” she said.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

Alcohol Abuse Among Celebrities

  • Scott’s friends say that he was reckless with drugs and alcohol for years before his death.
  • Veronica Lake was an actress best known for her femme fatale film roles.
  • He died in 1971 of a suspected heroin overdose, though his official cause of death was listed as heart failure.
  • He even played a small role as Griphook in the first “Harry Potter” movie — a rare American actor in the notoriously all-British series.
  • Hollywood is almost like another world, a city of bright lights, brighter stars, and extraordinary excess that could feel alien to everyone else.

And they’re all the more shocking because the private struggles of many actors remain hidden from the world until the day they lose their lives. In the history of Hollywood, this has happened all too often, affecting everyone from lesser-known character actors to the biggest movie stars. From the earliest days of cinema to the present day, this is a list of beloved actors who tragically died due to overdoses. Hollywood is almost like another world, a city of bright lights, brighter stars, and extraordinary excess that could feel alien to everyone else.

Dennis Quaid stopped drinking while overcoming cocaine addiction.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

The last two “Hunger Games” films with Hoffman were released posthumously. When alcohol consumption becomes abusive, it’s time to seek treatment. It’s important to address the underlying issues in order to treat alcohol addiction. Learn more about alcohol abuse and addiction, and explore treatment options to avoid negative health outcomes.

That same year, he was arraigned on drug possession charges. In 2002, he was back in trouble again, arrested and suspected of driving under the influence after he drove his vehicle down a closed stretch of highway. In and out of rehab during his final months, Farley’s death stunned the comedy world. Just months after a fateful Playboy interview where he joked about his poor health, his trouble with drugs, and his impending death, Farley died from a fatal overdose, a toxic mixture of cocaine and morphine. Betty Ford, the wife of former President Gerald Ford, suffered from alcoholism and addiction to painkillers.

celebrities who died of alcoholism

“True Blood” star Stephen Moyer got sober after his first son was born.

  • Ark Behavioral Health offers 100% confidential substance abuse assessment and treatment placement tailored to your individual needs.
  • Best known to audiences for his decade-long stint at Chandler Bing on “Friends” beginning in 1994, Matthew Perry first broke into acting on the small screen years earlier.
  • It’s not uncommon for law enforcement to investigate the source of a celebrity’s drug-related death.

Death due to drugs can also be the result of mixing prescribed medications with other drugs (legal or illegal), alcohol, over-the-counter medications or even herbal supplements. Drug-drug interactions may also play a role in drug-related deaths. For example, the consumption of multiple central nervous system depressants, such as opioid pain killers, sedatives, hypnotics, or alcohol may lead to an unintentional overdose due to severely depressed breathing. Despite being sober, Radcliffe admits it’s not easy to maintain his sobriety at events where there’s alcohol. One of the greatest lessons he’s learned is that he had to want a sober life for himself. And stopping has shown me a world of happiness that I didn’t think was possible.” This is a lesson that we can all learn from Radcliffe.

Fellow musician (and frequent touring partner) Elton John begged Joel to get treatment for alcoholism. In an early 2011 issue of Rolling Stone, John is quoted as saying that Joel needed to check into “tough” rehab, and that alcoholism was getting in the way of his life and career. Throughout the years, many famous people have struggled with drug abuse and addiction.

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